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One of my favorite parts of this summer has been Saturday morning breakfasts at Botto's Bakery in Portland, Maine after dropping QuietDragon off at work (well his former workplace, but that is a story for another time).

Botto's Bakery is a wonderful, locally owned Italian Bakery that has been in business for at least a couple of generations. They have a large wholesale side, and make bread and pizza dough for a whole lot of restaurants in Maine. They also have a very charming retail storefront, with two small tables (though I am the only one who seems to sit and use them, there is a steady stream of people as I sit and eat, buying bread or pastries and taking it all to go.

When you pull up, you are greeted by an Italian flag.


Continue to the rest of the tour... )

In short, this place is a treasure, with delicious food and is well worth visiting is you are ever in Portland. Me, I plan to stop there anytime I am in Portland in the mornings.
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I miss LJ so much, the communities, the writing...

I had a really dark period in my life, and I am now about 8 months behind on all of that. And then they changed the TOS while I was gone too.

So Dreamwidth it is! Most of my friends from LJ have journals here, and I think I should be able to find communities and catch up on reading, and POST STUFF!

Yay! Patience while I read through and catch up on stuff.
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Hello! I've got a lot of things to work on in my life, and I'll be offline, or online other places than LJ for a while. I won't be reading or commenting, and if anyone needs to reach me, LJ will not be the best way to do it.

Hope everyone keeps up the amazing writing, I've enjoyed it and the community a lot.
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The colors will start soon, which is the second time of year that the drive to work is extra special.

Does fall look good in your part of the world?
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This is me, aside from the bit about math problems (I did take calculus). This is what I have been diagnosed with, and I'm going to see a speech therapist, but I'm probably always going to be rather bad at social stuff as I have over 30 years of bad habits and fumbling around as best I could at social things.

Click here for a video, the embedding part failed

Since I had never heard of it, I thought I'd share a video.
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The lupines are blooming again. I think they started last week, but as I worked from home Wednesday through Friday I wouldn't know. Some very awesome person in the Department of Transportation must have decided to not mow the grass by the highways until late June, just to show off the flowers. They grow best along roadsides, and the drive down the highway to work has patches of purple with the odd pink or white stalk. I love it, and it starts and ends the day nicely.

My sister got the book Miss Rumphius for one of her birthdays, and I really liked the story about how she became the Lupine Lady and made the world more beautiful. I had ideas about that as a kid, none of them panned out. Still, great story.

Wikipedia has some good pictures, if they don't grow near you.

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I live!!!

Mar. 23rd, 2016 09:29 am
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Small children go to kindergarten and bring back the plague. Advice on ramping up my immune system is greatly appreciated. I am going to see my mom on Friday and get her recipe for elderberry tea.

I will also be seeing my sister and my adorable niece who have traveled down from Nova Scotia. I am extremely excited, as I typically see them once a year. I have birthday presents for cutie, which I hope she will like.

I am going to try and get more photos of things I have made online, at Ravelry and other places. Doll and toy photos will go on a blog I have for that. I am planning on getting a few doll photos today. I am not sure anyone but [ profile] ashbet cares, but I will link to them.

I am working at loosing weight that I gained from my extremely sedentary job and tendency to damn the consequences and eat dessert. Thanks to watching what I eat and counting calories I am down about 13 pounds since January. The plan is to get back down to a healthy weight and then do some serious work on my wardrobe.

My hair was purple for a while last spring, and I want to get back to that. Another weight loss reward! I cut it the shortest it has been since I was 10 last summer, about bra strap length. I don't like it and am growing it back out, aiming for waist length and gelling out my hair stick collection again.

The Angel is on 250 units of sythroid for his thyroid, and has more energy. He has a host of other health issues, and is seeing a neurologist soon and will hopefully get more help with his headaches.

So life goes on and I will try and journal it better!

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Thank you [ profile] aldersprig! The lovely blue mitts you knit me with the leaf pattern were very happily in my bag on this very cold and snowy day.

The snow is lovely, it is just very cold in this bit of the office.

I know I haven't said much lately, life is busy and not much has happened. I am still here, and will try to mention more of the good things in life. Like hand-knit presents.

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One of the Angel's friends posted on Facebook that her father visited her house in Maine.... And picked a yellow, newly bloomed dandilion. Even the flowers are confused, with temperatures in the 40's and low 50's.

It is hard to recall that Christmas is in two weeks. We have the dark of winter, sunset at 4:30, but not the cold.

In more amusing news, while I changed clothes in the bathroom there came a polite tapping on the door. Followed by "Ooooow-Ooo-Oooooow!" Which was repeated several times in a high pitched time. Followed by "I am a ghooooooooost" in a rather familiar small boy's voice. Just as I managed to stop grinning like a loon, the voice added "I will eat your soul!"

It is extremely hard to not howl with laughter, but I managed to as I did not want to hurt his feelings.

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Thank you once again to everyone who replied to my earlier post with info and advice.

The Angel had been feeling extremely exhausted lately, and was able to see his doctor and get a referral to an endrocronologist (yeah, that is likely spelled wrong, sorry).

She was able to see him the next day! Timing was amazing. She got out a calculator, and was able to do some math based on his last TSH level and body weight... and the 200 MCG is still likely too low, he may need 260.

She also determined that they were not testing for his T3 levels, just T4 and TSH. So she is requesting a full battery of tests. She suspects this his levels are not good and wants to see the results before changing medication.

This is GOOD. I really want him to not feel exhausted all the time, I think it makes everything else in his life so much worse.

You guys were all a huge help, and it was good for him to know he is not alone in all this. THANK YOU.
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Safely back from Canada, where I was visiting my sister, her partner, and my niece. There was, as always an amazing meal of locally grown food, work on the farm, crafts, and music.

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Halloween got cancelled, for the most part, in our household, due to sick.

This was rather saddening, as we were fortunate to have Kiddo at our place (due to scheduling, this is unlikely for several more years) and were really looking forward to trick-or-treating.

However, with Angel sick since last Wednesday, me getting sick Friday, and Kiddo arriving with a very stuffy nose and coughing in his sleep, it was decided that the best option was to stay home and watch Star Wars movies.

We did let Kiddo pick out a bag of half-off Halloween candy the next day. He wanted the bag of chocolate balls whose wrappers were designed to look like eyeballs. He is, indeed, his father's son.

Hope everyone else had a wonderful weekend.
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I got in my car this morning and then had a panic that I could not go to work because I had lost my keys. I knew I used them to open the car, but they were lost and not in the ignition where they should have been. They were in my pocket.

I discovered what skirt I am wearing today when I got to work and took off my coat. I remember grabbing a skirt and getting dressed, but not which one.

I am normally NOT a morning person, but this is far, far worse than usual.

Being on call for work can be a nice boost to the bank account. Yay, extra money!

But getting a phone call at 12:42 AM and helping someone with no internet connection install software for an hour RUINS your day.

RAWR.... BRaaaaaaaaaaains missing....... THUD
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So there were brain weasels last night, I got all these ideas in the shower and had to sit down with my laptop, download Audacity, and speak until I got all the stuff out of my brain.

I think it is trying to write again, but I don't really have any free time to speak of, so I just have this long audio file.

I suppose it is seasonally appropriate (Hello, NANOWRIMO) but I know I cannot manage over 1,000 words a day.

I need to figure out what to do with that.

Also, I am reading a friend's translation of a novel from Russian to English and pointing out bits that are rough or confusing. It is neat.
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First, the Angel was really touched and very thankful that a whole bunch of people he has mostly only heard me babble about took the time to help him out. Thank you from him!

Second, thank you again!

I have not been very active on LJ in quite some time. I had a lot of changes in my life, and moved twice since 2013 and changed jobs twice as well. Things have been crazy and stressful, and while I read and commented on entries, I haven't done that as much as I used to, and I have posted in my own journal at a rate that averages to Never.

But I needed some help and some information, for the awesome man in my life. And when I asked, you all helped. THANK YOU.

Thanks to everyone who commented, and to [ profile] haikujaguar who read and thought of a friend who might be able to help.

That means a lot to me. I asked about some rather personal stuff, and a number of people I know for a fact have chronic pain or fatigue or both took the time to type for me, and I really appreciate that.

Thank you.
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The Angel, who is a very important part of my life, has thyroid problems, among other things.

He has very bad thyroid problems, from what I can tell.

He started on 25 mcg of Levothyroxine, which is a generic of synthroid (I think).

They keep checking his thyroid hormone levels, and while his medication has been stable for sometimes half a year, it keeps going up. And up. And up.

He is now on 200 mcg of the same medication. This is due to thyroid levels creeping back up to 3.9 at his last blood draw about a week and a half ago.

He had been diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditus, which is to say his white blood cells are attacking his thyroid as a foreign object, and at this point neither of us is sure he has a thyroid anymore.

He has been utterly exhausted lately, likely due to this. On my urging, he tried to look up Facebook groups for thyroid issues, to maybe find other people to talk to who have the same issues and who may have advice on dealing with chronic fatigue.

He keeps finding groups open only to women, or who blatantly describe Hashimoto's as a "women's issue." And that is WRONG and extremely alienating for him.

I know there are at least three people on my friends list who also have thyroid issues. Can I ask for some info?

It is me, or is that a really high does of the meds? I am really worried that his system is not in a good place, to need that much of the tyroid hormones.

Are there other meds he can ask his doctor about?

Are there any good online support groups or websites you can recommend for chronic fatigue and chronic pain (we suspect arthritis, and he also had a traumatic brain injury about 18 years ago and gets very bad headaches)? Ones that are less women-centered and more helpful?

He has not until recently thought of himself as disabled, and many of his family and friends do not think that way either. He is not used to managing energy levels, which can result in him running out of "spoons" suddenly.

While I know several people with chronic pain and chronic fatigue, and I know about the spoon theory, I thankfully (and am very grateful for this) do not have those conditions myself. So can't really offer advice or insight that he really needs. I'm appreciate anything that you have to offer. He does not currently have an LJ, and is on Facebook all day. However, if there are better groups or resources on LJ or Dreamwidth, I will encourage him to sign up (and will start using my Dreamwidth as well).

Thanks everyone!
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The birthday this year is stretching for nearly a week.

It began last Friday, with my pick-up from work which featured a passenger seat full of balloons (the Angel spent at least an hour blowing them up) and a small boy excitedly singing Happy Birthday.

Saturday featured gelato from my favorite place, and lunch out with my parents, at an Indian buffet.

Sunday I got to sleep in (highly unusual at this point in my life) and amazing breakfast cooked by the Angel, who in addition to making his delicious eggs also made bacon and blueberry muffins. Later there were birthday cupcakes with candles that resemble Legos.

Monday featured more Gelato Fiasco gelato and tasty pasta.

Thursday the Lego sets I ordered will arrive, and I will get to start building another addition on my winter holiday village, this time the Toy Shop.

And the leaves are in stunning full color!


Oct. 10th, 2015 08:37 am
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The view from the couch is of small dark birds silhouetted against an intensely blue sky, perched in the dead branches at the top of the tree out front.

The morning includes nonstop commentary on Lego battles and strange noises from a small boy. All the energy, no coffee needed.

Plans for the day include finding a Halloween costume, the possibility of a Peter Pan movie, and dinner out. A good day.

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Oct. 9th, 2015 09:47 pm
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I work in tech support, and our software is used by companies in a specific industry. This means that we often call the same people.

One of them is named Boo. I don't know if it is his given first name, or a nickname. It doesn't matter, it's what he wants to be called.

Talking to him the other day had me thinking about Bear on the drive home. I went to school with him from kindergarten on. His nickname given to him by his brother was Bear. By first grade he was insisting that everyone call him that. By sometime in the middle of gradeschool, everyone did, even teachers.

I wonder if he still goes by Bear, at whatever job he has. I hope he does. He always hated John, he said he didn't like being named after a toilet.

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I am back

Oct. 7th, 2015 07:56 pm
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I cannot post much on the Kobo tablet, but I have decided to post anyway. Short stuff, but hopefully interesting. I am not good at short, I tend to think in paragraphs.

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