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Birthdate:Oct 19
Location:Maine, United States of America
I'm a gamer. I make stuff - crafts and toy stuff, costumes when I have the space to work and a place to wear them. I used to read a lot, now I mostly read online, here on LJ. I used to be a librarian, I'm in tech support now. Maybe I'll write again sometime, maybe not. I don't post a lot, I do read a lot, and I swear every year I make resolutions to post and then don't because time or the tablet I have makes it hard, or whatever. But I am here.

I answer to, or have answered to, a number of names. In no particular order: Eseme, Elizabeth (Beth) Clarkson, Not-Beth, Lilly Armstrong, Stream, Diana (Di) Weiss, Scout, Elanor McAllester, Anna Benson, Jareni Twilight, Kira, Terri Willcox, Guinevere "Alex" Alexander, Ooola, Victoria Summers, Katrina Schaber, Miranda Sutherland, Catherine "Second Chance", Aritheena (call her Rith or get hit... a lot), Messandra Whitefall (the half-orc more commonly known as Rargna), Yoshi the battledragon, Maven the Mouse, and Stinging Rain the wood elf archer chick who cooks along with her albino dire wolf puppy, and Zinna Peddlerson and her wagon o' stuff pulled across dimensions by Risska the giant lizard. Hmmmm, there is a trend toward oversized animal companions and giant lizards here. New characters! Night Hawk, Little Cat Sister, Renee Talbot the goul, Andi the satyr, Riah of the Greycoat Tribe, various NPCs in a Demongate High game, Thissa the lizard-sorcerer (more lizards), Esmeretta the Eshu gypsy, and Rosemary Spring. More new characters (many of which are old by now) : Wendy the Sabbat Gangrel, various 4th ed D&D characters that never got any depth, Lissith the Venusian lizard-person with the hat, Elena the not-a-pirate, Dara the Elf, and a satyr-ish bartender who needs a name.

Beatrice, my oh-so cute hamster, has passed away. Photos of her (while healthy) can be found at:
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