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Friday was utterly beautiful, and warm. It had to have been in the 50s. So I decided grocery shopping could wait, and went for a walk on the rail trail after work. So nice.

I went for another walk today - I was up very late last night playing board games, and we were eating some rather unhealthy food (though my pasta was pretty excellent).

Friday I just went my usual 2.15 miles, but today I went from a bit before the one mile marker to the three mile marker and back, for about 4.15 miles. So a total of 6.3 miles.

That takes me to a cumulative total of 62.4 miles to Rivendell. I am really hoping I can put beat last year's total. I did some math and I'm thinking I could get close to adding 100 miles by next fall if I really make time to go on walks and to actually record them.

So, at 62.4 miles to Rivendell, the journey is rather dull (other than being chased by mysterious hooded figures). We walk around the edges of fields worked by Farmer Maggot, and after a turnip field there is a stout gate to a rutted lane, edged by hedges.

Still not at the darned Ferry! How will we ever outrun those scary figures?

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